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What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy has been used for over 100 years to help people with a wide variety of issues from low self-esteem to fertility and childbirth.
Hypnotherapy is a form of therapy used to readjust the subconscious mind. When in hypnosis, you put your mind and body into a heightened state of learning, making your mind more open to positive suggestion for self-improvement or behavior modification. The goal is to rebalance the subconscious and conscious mind allowing them to work together in harmony, which in turn helps give you greater control over your behavior, emotions and physical wellbeing.
Hypnosis involves the induction of an induced state of deep relaxation. In a hypnotherapy you are acutely aware, concentrated and focused and it is in this state that the conscious mind can relax and stay calm and become more responsive to positive suggestions, ideas, concepts and lifestyle changes.

What is not Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is not at all like the performances you see in stage shows. There are no swinging pocket watches and no mind control. In a hypnotherapy session you are in control the entire time. You will hear the suggestions made to you, and you will be able to remember them after the session. Hypnosis cannot do anything that a client resists.
Now let’s dispel a few myths:
You cannot get stuck in hypnosis – this is quite impossible.
You do not become in any way unconscious or semi-conscious.
You cannot, at any time, be made to do things you do not want to do.
You are totally aware of yourself and your surroundings at all times.
You do not go to sleep.
You are not in anyone’s power, and nobody can take control of you.
You can leave the hypnotic state whenever you want.
You cannot lose your mind.
Hypnosis cannot permanently remove memories or thoughts from your mind.
You will not suddenly blurt out your ‘dark’ secrets.
Hypnosis cannot bestow psychic abilities or supernatural powers.
Hypnosis cannot make you act against, or abandon, your moral code.
You do not say or do ‘funny things’ unless you want to.
Hypnosis is a truly natural state of mind and body and is therefore perfectly safe.


Hypnotherapy Articles

Reviewing over 2000 journal articles, Dr. Barrios discovered these facts when comparing traditional ”talk-based” psychotherapy vs. hypnosis:
Type of Therapy   Recovery Rates  # of Sessions
Hypnotherapy            93%              6
Behavioral Therapy      72%             22
Psychoanalysis            38%             600
Dr. Alfred A Barrios

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Your Brain and The Immune System - By Dr Joe Dispenza

When people overcome limited emotional states that keep them connected to past experiences, break out of redundant habits and automatic programs, and change certain self-destructive hardwired attitudes and beliefs—the cells of their immune system are busy upregulating new genes.

In a stunning discovery made by the University of Virginia’s School of Medicine, researchers have overturned decades of textbook teaching by determining that there is a direct correlation between the brain and the immune system. For years scientists have been trying to correlate the relationship between the two, yet they lacked the evidence to show how our thoughts and feelings (our neurochemistry) could affect our overall health. This ground-breaking finding could have significant implications on our understanding of how the brain and immune system interact. This will enable scientists to target the immune system for the benefit of the brain. Read More…

Medical Hypnosis: You Are Getting Very Healthy - Wall Street Journal
Scientific evidence is mounting that hypnosis can be effective in easing pain, lowering high blood pressure, controlling asthma, minimising hot flushes, facilitating childbirth and relieving side effects from chemotherapy. Read More...

Randomised clinical trial: the efficacy of gut-directed hypnotherapy - National Library of Medicine

It is similar to that of the low FODMAP diet for the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome. Read More...

  • What does hypnotherapy feel like?
    The experience of a hypnotic trance is not altogether unusual. On the contrary, it feels similar to countless other moments in your life where you may have been absorbed in a good book or movie, lost in thought, engrossed in music, driving to your destination and not really remembering quite how you got there or even meditating. Your therapist will speak to you in a calm and gently assertive voice and once in hypnosis, your body will feel calm and relaxed
  • Who is it good for?
    If you want to have hypnotherapy, you are a good candidate for it. Hypnosis is a willing state. If someone is trying to hypnotise you against your will, it simply won’t work. For that reason, if you are extremely sceptical of its efficacy, or if you are frightened of it, it may not work for you.
  • How long does a Rapid Transformational Therapy session take?
    Sessions can run anywhere from 90 minutes to 2.5 hours, so make sure you have the time to mentally prepare for your session and relax afterwards.
  • Can I get "stuck" in hypnosis?"
    Not at all. You have complete control the whole time. You can talk, move your body, get a tissue, even get up and leave. You are completely safe and in a supportive environment.
  • When will I start to see changes?
    There are three types of change from Rapid Transformational Therapy – every person is different: Immediate: You feel a massive shift right away – immediate changes in your physiology, thoughts, and behaviours right in the session. Incremental: You see consistent shifts every day, or overtime. Retroactive: You don’t see the shifts right away and then one day you suddenly look back and see all of the things that are different in your life.
  • What if I think I already know the reasons behind my issue?
    What makes RTT amazing is that even if you think you know what is holding you back, you see it in a COMPLETELY new way. RTT allows you to change your perspective and ultimately, change your beliefs. And for many clients, they go back to scenes that are totally different than what they expected. Just relax and trust that your subconscious mind will show you exactly what you need to see.
  • What if I go back to scenes that are painful or scary?
    If you go back to memories from your life that are related to events like sexual or physical abuse, or other trauma, it’s important to remember that you are not reliving that scene. You are simply reviewing it, as if you a looking at it on a TV screen and you are completely safe. I will support you and create a secure space for you to express your emotions and heal in a calm and relaxing sanctuary.
  • What is the difference between face-to-face and online sessions?
    Online sessions are available via Zoom, and this technique is equally as effective as face-to-face sessions. Zoom is a free platform and full instructions will be provided to you when you book your appointment.
  • What if our online session get disconnected?
    If our online session gets disconnected, you may drift into sleep if you’re very relaxed, but eventually you’ll notice that you’re not hearing my voice and you may open your eyes. Zoom will automatically reconnect our session once the internet is up and running again. Please note, disconnections don’t happen often but are possible on either side.
  • Who is Marisa Peer?
    RTT was developed over the past 30 years by Marisa Peer. Marisa has coached an extensive client list of royalty, rockstars, Hollywood celebrities, Olympic athletes, political leaders, and CEOs of multi-billion dollar companies. Marisa is listed in Tatler's guide to 'Britain’s 250 Best Doctors' – this guide lists the experts and pioneers in their field and Marisa was voted Britain’s best therapist. She has been described as a “great British pioneer” by Men’s Health magazine, and she is the only woman featured in an article on 'The Best Of British'. They refer to her as a “pioneering motivational hypnotherapist and psychotherapist and a winning sports psychologist.”
  • What awards have Marisa and RTT won?
    The Stevie 2018 People’s Choice Stevie Award - Favourite New Products in Healthcare/Pharmaceutical Products & Services - Rapid Transformational Therapy Marisa's company I Am Enough LLC. was awarded The 2018 Stevie Gold award in the Health & Pharmaceuticals Service category Marisa won Gold Stevie 2018 awards for: Empowering Everyday People to Partner in their Health - The global message "I am Enough" Empowering Women and Children 2018 International Stevie Gold Awards - Entrepreneur of the Year and Woman of the Year Stevie 2018 Silver Award - Lifetime Achievement Award - Consumer Services Industries Winner of the 2018 International Day of the Girl Child Inspiration Award - won specifically for work in inspiring confidence in women and girls through the #markyourmirror and I Am Enough movement
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